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Retreat Success

Travel the world and run your own successful Retreats!




How to plan, scale and run your successful retreat!

Discover the secrets to running successful, scalable and sustainable Retreats

Running Retreats is definitely one of the best ways to do what you love, connect with your clients AND generate major income while doing so!

In this course, learn…
• The planning formula for before, during and after your retreat
• Ways to sell out your retreat with little stress
• Inside secrets on how to make your retreat super successful so that your clients wish to come back for more!
• How to build retreats that are scalable and sustainable (so you don’t burn out)


"Sharni helped me with everything that comes with organizing a Retreat in Bali. I had so many questions and have heard it could be quite challenging, but this course helped me to get clear and share valuable information. Sharni has so much knowledge in the Wellness and Retreat space, and it's evident that she has much experience in everything that comes with facilitating International Retreats. I gained knowledge in all the areas it's easy to get stressed about, and this course helped make my Retreat organizing process much smoother. I now feel much more confident and excited!"

- Joelle ,  Women Empowerment Coach, Netherlands

Watch the video below to get a sneak preview of the course.


"Sharni has a wealth of information to share and guide you through for your Retreat to be a success. I especially got so much from her marketing tools and tips! Sharni is a wonderful facilitator, has years of experience, and offers you so much valuable content!"

- Senaja ,  Breathwork facilitator, Australia

This is for you if...

  • You are a facilitator, wellness professional, healer, or anyone wishing to bring a group of people together to share in a powerful experience.
  • You are a retreat accommodation location or organization that would like to know the in's and out's of hiring facilitators and running retreats in your space.
  • You have never run a retreat before and want to gain information around the logistics, behind the scenes as well as what works and what doesn't.
  • You are looking for some marketing inspiration on how to share your retreats with the world.

Your Course Creator


Hi, I am Sharni.


I'm a Wellness Business Entrepreneur, having founded and run several wellness businesses over the past 16 years. In 2018, I successfully sold my Women's Wellness Retreat Business.

Until then, I had been running retreats in Bali since 2013, with hundreds of women joining me in tropical paradise in Indonesia and worldwide.


I loved facilitating the retreats, but I soon learned what worked and didn't work for me and how I could have been running the business in a much more scalable and sustainable way.


Now, I focus mainly on my online business and speaking opportunities, but I do run the occasional private retreat as well as in-person trainings on how to run successful retreats. Plus I consult with various retreat owners and locations... sharing all my secrets!


If you have ever considered running your own retreat, this course shares ALL my knowledge on EXACTLY what to do and what NOT to do so you don't burn out doing what you love, like I did.

For more info about me, visit - or connect with me on Instagram.



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