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Motivate Positive Change...

Energise Your Top Talent Through a Talk With A Twist!

Bring colour to a grey world with Sharni’s unique and impactful keynote talk. By revealing strategies for increased productivity, engagement & success - all while advocating a 'less is more' approach - your team will leave with actionable tools empowering them to embrace positive change in their personal and professional lives. 

Keynote Takeouts: 

• Burnout Prevention & Stress Management
• Emotional Intelligence

• Redefining Success
• Employee Health, Happiness and Engagement


Motivate Real Change...

Energise Your Top Talent Through a Talk With A Twist! 

Keynote Takeouts: 

• Burnout Prevention 
• Redefine Success
• Employee Health, Happiness & Engagement



Are you ready to transform your workplace into a thriving, motivated environment where your teams not only excel but find fulfilment in their work and their lives? As HR professionals or business owners, you understand the importance of having an engaged workforce – employees who are captivated by their jobs, committed to their organizations, and eager to contribute their best efforts and brightest ideas on a regular basis.



"An increasing number of employees are not just looking for a place to work, but rather are seeking a job that works for them… that allows them to bring their full self to work and an even better version of themselves home." - ResearchGate

About this Keynote Talk...

This keynote isn't your typical 'gold-medal-Olympic-winner' story – it's relatable to your average top executive employee. Sharni's mission is to leave your teams not only motivated but also armed with actionable steps to implement immediately and create positive change, making your role as an HR manager or business leader much more manageable.

Health, Wealth and Happy Endings:
How to live an Orgasmic Life!

This engaging and insightful keynote presentation empowers your employees to achieve a balanced and fulfilling high-vibe life, enhancing their overall well-being and productivity while preventing burnout. 

Through compelling storytelling, Sharni shares her own journey of burnout from running multiple wellness businesses and how she ultimately healed, her lessons learned from living a slow and serene life on a tropical island for five years, and stories from her clients that she has positively impacted while working globally in the wellness industry for almost two decades. She shares insights on boosting health, redefining success, inspiring positive change, finding happiness, and living a vibrant and orgasmic life!

Focusing on three key areas—health, work, and relationships—she delivers practical strategies for holistic wellness, stress reduction, and increased productivity. From fundamental self-care techniques to innovative practices, Sharni provides actionable advice to help your team thrive professionally and personally.


  • Duration: 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes for questions - 1 hour in total.
  • Themes: Burnout prevention, health & lifestyle, inspirational, empowerment & positivity.
  • Target Audience: This keynote is tailored for managers, teams, and top-tier talent within your organisation who are grappling with high workloads, fatigue, and a sense of overwhelm or burnout.
  • Customisation Option: Sharni offers the opportunity to tailor this talk to suit the unique needs and preferences of your audience, ensuring that the content is custom-written and precisely aligned with your organisation's objectives and demographics.
  • Geographical Coverage: While Sharni is based in Cape Town, South Africa, she is available to travel to your event, both domestically and internationally, ensuring accessibility regardless of location.
  • Virtual Delivery Option: Sharni provides the convenience of delivering this presentation virtually, enabling seamless integration for virtual engagements at a reduced rate.

Why this message is essential to your workforce...

When it comes to employee engagement and well-being, the responsibility typically falls on HR professionals or employers to inspire and cultivate a happy, productive workforce. With this approach, however, there is one major blind spot…

Employees have the capacity and ability to shape THEIR OWN energy, enthusiasm, and engagement at work. However, true change won't occur unless they are personally motivated to do so.

Your team members can take ownership of their own well-being. But, without a clear understanding of their WHY, they may lack the motivation, inspiration and drive.

During her presentation, Sharni elaborates on the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of achieving optimal success in health, work, and relationships. She provides actionable insights on elevating personal vibes and cultivating a fulfilling life through authentic, sustainable change – all delivered in an engaging and captivating manner.

A study with The Engagement Institute revealed that 96% of employees seek to maintain high engagement at work, 79% actively find ways to stay engaged, and 75% take steps to re-engage when needed. Your top talent desires success, and Sharni is here to support you to help them build a thriving career.

Sharni brings more than entertainment, motivation and education to your top talent; she provides practical tools and simple strategies that can be implemented in their daily lives. Her keynote goes beyond cheerleading kicks and powerful stories; it motivates real change.

If you want to create a healthier and happier workforce where your teams can THRIVE, Sharni Quinn is here to support your mission!

Why choose Sharni as your next Motivational Speaker?

Why Sharni? Because she's an everyday woman who has faced common challenges, including an emotionally crippling divorce; burning out from working hard, not smart; and losing herself in trying to be everything to everyone and live the 'perfect' life. After her major burnout and moving to Bali for 5 years, focusing on her own transformation, healing and wellness journey, she's now back in the 'real world' (based in Cape Town, South Africa), sharing inspiring stories and practical tips on how to radically change lives for the better in simple, yet powerful ways.


Approachable, likeable, and down-to-earth, Sharni also brings over 17 years of global experience as an expert in the Wellness Industry and is a best-selling author for the collaborative book 'Ignite Your Purpose'. However, just because she lives and breathes wellness and balance doesn't mean she's all woo-woo. She's a successful business owner in her own right. In her 'previous life,' she ran her own graphic design studio in branding and advertising before entering the Wellness Industry in 2007 and starting her own women's wellness and yoga business with over 40 people working across branches in 2 cities. Because of her 17+ years of experience working in wellness (mainly with women but also with corporate professionals), she has success stories from clients who've implemented and proven the workable tools she shares in her keynote.

"To the outside world, I was a successful business owner. On the inside, my body was in knots of anxiety. I felt trapped, depleted & exhausted. But I was too busy and rushed to even realize I had these feelings and listen to my body's needs."

After years of being in this cycle, when she finally took some time out to listen to her inner wisdom and had a moment of clarity on a serene tropical beach, where she realized her intuition was gently saying, "Sharni, you need to stop. You need to say no. You need to let go. Stop giving to everyone else, and remember to look after yourself."

The highly-driven version of herself took another 18 months to fully admit she was in full-blown mental and physical burnout and then figure out how to recover from it.

Ultimately, this moment and the recovery path that followed is why she dedicates her life to empowering women and other professionals who feel stuck, overwhelmed and burnt out to disconnect with the daily hustle, reconnect with themselves, realign with their purpose and design their best life!

Her approach is holistic. First, it's about understanding the science behind stress. But Sharni believes the real progress comes from fusing modern coaching techniques with ancient healing systems.

"I love what I do, and not only inspire others to walk this path, but I also live and breathe it in my daily life as well. If my story resonates with you, I am absolutely looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you to inspire your workforce to empower themselves and feel energized, alive, enthusiastic, productive and passionate about their work and life."

To learn more about Sharni’s credentials and expertise click here.


Listen to this powerful interview, where Sharni interviews Sethu Mehana about 'Women in the Workplace'. Sharni and Sethu discuss what women have already overcome, plus the challenges that women still face in their work environment and in corporate. 

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“Sharni shared skill sets that worked really well for me, from the breathing techniques to understanding who you are as an individual, what your strengths are and how to use those strengths better. Now, it’s about translating what I learned to the people I manage, lead and influence. It’s been a phenomenal journey and has been incredibly valuable for me.”

- Gordon Webb, 
Head: Client Service - Investment Solutions, South Africa




“In a stress-filled world, Sharni’s talks and workshops offered our team invaluable tools for navigating leadership challenges with grace and resilience. Her guidance empowered us to lead with clarity, compassion, and effectiveness, fostering stronger team dynamics and promoting individual wellness. I highly recommend Sharni to any organization investing in the holistic well-being and professional development of their leadership team.”

- Tracy Want, 
Head: Strategic Marketing, Alexander Forbes, South Africa

Previous Corporate Wellness Clients...


“Sharni’s talk was life changing for me! It was the catalyst for my transformative process and inspired me to live a healthier and happier, and more purposeful  life! Listening to her personal journey with burnout and how  she put herself on her own recovery program, healed naturally, and has created such a successful and balanced life since... was truly inspiring for me. I met her at a critical time in my life and I feel so blessed that I went to her talk, and subsequently did her 3 month Life Transformation Coaching program. She was the one who helped me find my true self and my true purpose again. If you’re willing to do the work, you’ll be surprised to see how far you can go and what you’re capable of... I certainly am!” 

- Rishma Nathou,  France -




“Although many companies have evolved over the years, there is still an old mentality in the workplace. Everyone needs a little bit of sunshine-Sharni-inspiration in their lives and for their teams! With her holistic approach to team work, Sharni helps you to learn more about yourself and gain a deeper understanding of your colleagues. She genuinely cares for others and is sincere, relatable and easy to engage with. The talk and Wellness Program she facilitated for my team at 15 on Orange made such a difference in each participants lives, as well as help us shift and grow as a team. I highly recommend working with Sharni!” 

- Natasha Naidoo, 
The Capital - 15 on Orange Hotel, South Africa

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What else can Sharni offer your team?

Sharni does more than just keynote talks! If you have a Women's Day event or team building day, chat with Sharni about your objectives and needs and discuss how she can customise a workshop or a full-day retreat for your team. 



Suppose you are looking for your workforce to make lasting changes after engaging in one of her workshops or keynotes. In that case, you can either offer your top management a one-off 1:1 Coaching Session with Sharni - a Reboot Roadmap Session - which can be done in person or online. Or you can gift your whole workforce one of her online courses they can go through in their own time (The Burnout to Bliss 5-day Mini Course or the Redesign Your Life 10-week Online Program).