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Bali Living

How to Live and
Work in Bali!




Do you want to get out of the rat-race?
Are wishing to create a more simple, sustainable, meaningful lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones?

Do you want to know inside information about possibly moving to Bali or the surrounding islands - even if it is for only a few months a year?

Do you want support from 'people on the ground' and who have already successfully made the transition?
And most importantly, learn the insights they have about the current situation.

If YES... then this course is for you!

Create the life of your dreams in tropical paradise!


"Sharni knows everyone and everything in Bali. Her expertise in travel within Bali, having lived on the islands for many years and running her own successful Bali-based company, makes this online course so much more valuable!"

- Jeany

In this course you will receive inside information on:


  • BEFORE - What needs to be done before you relocate - Discover why Bali and the islands of Indonesia are the best place to be living during the current world-wide climate. Learn about various options for short term or long term stay, does your passport qualify, which visa option is best for you, plus contacts with reliable & trustworthy agents to assist the process.
  • DURING - All you need to know about living in Bali & surrounding islands - Learn about the costs of living, the best locations for your lifestyle, how to connect with a like-minded community, and what is available on the island or what you might want to bring from home.
  • AFTER - How to sustain yourself after you arrive - Receive insights on how to best create income while living in Bali, contacts and connections for investment opportunities, how to create passive income, how to legally open up a business anywhere in Indonesia and how to get an affordable long-term working visa with less stress.

Watch the video below to get a sneak preview of the course and content.



Hey Lovely! In this video, I giving you a sneak peek into the 'Bali Living' Online Course. I cover everything from the pre-travel preparations to the amazing experiences you can have while living in Bali. Get ready to dive into topics like visa options, local currency, transportation, and more. Plus a BONUS section with all my Bali contacts! If you're interested in living and working in Bali, this course is a must-watch!



"This course was extremely helpful! It really gave great insight to my Bali questions and helped navigate and simplify the minefield of information that's out there."

- Michaela

Your Course Creator

Hi, I am Sharni.


I've lived and worked in Bali permanently for more than 5 years. I was 'stuck' on the islands during the pandemic after moving to Bali in 2018  and have run my Wellness Retreats in Bali and the surrounding islands since 2013.

So much has shifted on these islands since I first arrived in 2010, during the pandemic and now since opening to the world again in 2022.

Indonesia can be paradise, and Bali especially is a beautiful place to live... but it comes with it's challenges and chaos. I have vast experience in helping support other individuals searching for a free and simple lifestyle, creating a thriving work environment, and also navigating the challenges of being an expat and dealing with a foreign language and culture.

A little about what I do:
I have been in the Wellness Industry for 16+ years as an International Yoga Teacher, Life Transformation Coach, Speaker, Author and business owner. After burning out and selling my Wellness Business in Cape Town, South Africa, I moved to Bali to heal and live my life in a different way... with more simplicity and at a slower pace.

I am passionate about inspiring other individuals to live a life of less stress.
I believe that every human is meant to shine, to live their best life and to share their light with the world… without burning out & losing themselves in the process!

Now, I live between my soul home in Bali and my heart home in Cape Town. I do much work online - so I am location independent - and also travel the world offering talks, workshops and facilitation.  At home in Bali, I work as the Life Coach and Retreat facilitator at the Yoga Barn - the largest Wellness Center in Bali. I immerse myself in the like-minded community, enjoy going to gentle daily yoga sessions at world-class studios and having massages every second day. If this resonates with you and if you would like to join the growing group of expats living in Bali, this course is for you!

For more information on me and my offerings, visit or follow me on Insta for Bali inspiration.