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Living My Best Life




In this Checklist you will discover the secrets to...

  • Transforming your Life for the better one simple step at a time.
  • How to slow down and live a more simple life, but still be productive and successful.
  • Suggestions on how to clean up your habits that are draining your energy and making you feel anxious
  • Tips on self-care and how to nourish your body, mind and soul
  • Discover the true meaning in your life.
  • Nurture self-love and self worth and what to do to cultivate fulfilling relationships.
  • How to manifest the life of your dreams!

This Checklist is for you, if you...

  • Feel stressed, frustrated, exhausted, lost, stuck or overwhelmed... and want to redesign your life for the better.
  • Are wanting simple tools and tips to implement into your daily life.
  • Don't quite fit into the 'box' and wish to live your life with more freedom, purpose and on your own terms.
  • Want to focus on your health, wealth, happiness, relationships, purpose, self-care and personal growth... but don't know where to start.
  • Are wanting support from an expert and someone who has 'been there'.

Meet the author and your Life Transformation Angel...

Sharni Quinn is a Life Transformation Coach, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, Wellness Consultant, Yoga Teacher, and Retreat Facilitator who is passionate about inspiring busy people to stress less, live more and redesign their lives for the better!

She believes every human is meant to shine and share their light… but without burning out, getting trapped or losing themselves in the process!

Having exiting the rat race and changing from corporate to entrepreneur, then later successfully selling her wellness business, getting divorced and leaving her toxic marriage, moving countries to a calm tropical island, suffering from chronic fatigue after burning out and then making a full, healthy recovery... Sharni has undoubtedly gone through many experiences of Life Transformation.

After living a busy and hectic existence for almost two decades, her body shut down. At this pivotal point, she knew she had to redesign her life and radically transform how she worked and lived. 

Now, she lives in Cape Town and facilitates globally. After reaching rock bottom and crawling her way back into the light, she has learned (the hard way) how to enjoy life rather than rush through it! 

Besides a few messy bits (she is only human, after all), her life is genuinely filled with joy, balance and freedom... and she is passionate about inspiring other people to unplug and live the same.

To find out more about Sharni - click here.

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