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5 Podcast Episodes by Wonderful Women

life & health Aug 11, 2023

We have recently been celebrating Women’s Month here in South Africa. I decided to honour some incredible ladies making waves in the Podcast world – both locally and worldwide.

Here are a handful of Podcasts I’ve recently been enjoying, which I found truly inspirational.

I thought I’d share them with you…

My Favourite Female Podcast Episodes:



Marni & Jesse – The Ultimate Health Podcast

I met Canadian-based Marni Wasserman and her husband Jesse when they were on honeymoon in Bali about five years ago. A mutual friend put us in touch and over lunch, the couple shared that they started this Podcast. Now I see it listed everywhere as one of the best Health and Wellness Podcasts around. In this episode Titled: ‘Live Longer’, Jesse interviews a 102-year-old Doctor who reveals her longevity secrets! This a great Podcast if you are looking to take your health to the next level.


Marlien Wright  Masterpiece & Mess Podcast

Marlien and I met many years ago when I spoiled myself and delighted in one of her Wellness Retreats just outside Cape Town. Her meals and cooking were out of this world! I’m so excited that she now has her own Podcast, ‘ Masterpiece & Mess’, where she explores unedited stories and journeys of growth, greater self-expression, and better well+being. In this episode, she interviews another powerful South African woman – Kiki Theo, Author and Money Guru- on creating wealth and abundance.


Mpoomy Ledwaba  Wisdom & Wellness Podcast

South African ‘Wisdom & Wellness’ Podcast host engages her listeners in life lessons, unique journeys and inspiration to be the best versions of themselves. In this episode, she chats with three incredible South African women – Miss SA being one of them – talking about their own definition of beauty and womanhood. 


Mel Robbins – The Mel Robbins Podcast

I love Mel and all the insights and funny anecdotes she shares on her shows. In this episode, she interviews her husband, Chris, about his wisdom in the secrets men keep and the struggles they’re facing alone. Listen to the 5 things the men in your life aren’t telling you but need to talk about… and how you can support them along the way.


Thom Walters – Zen Commuter Podcast

To make things clear, Thom isn’t a woman. We do joke around about how he should put on a wig and join my women’s Retreats in Bali! Hehe… but no. Thom is very much a man. He has a great Podcast focusing on Meditation called Zen Commuter and another called Calmer in 5. Why I added this Podcast to this list, is because in this episode, he interviews me (we had so much fun!), and we talk about how I help women to unplug from the daily hustle and reconnect with themselves, realign with their purpose, and redesign their life for the better!


What inspirational Podcasts have you been listening to recently?

Add your reply to the comments and let me know.
I’d love to learn from you!

Your Biggest Cheerleader,



5 Podcast Episodes by Wonderful Women

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