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Redesign Your Life

10 Weeks to a Happier, Healthier, More Fulfilled YOU!




What is this REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Program all about?


It's a 10 Week Life Transformation Program which will support you to REDESIGN YOUR LIFE and lifestyle habits.

This Program goes through the 5 Step Path to Living Yinly to support you to bring more Yin to your Yang, stress less, live more... and LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.
Over the 10 weeks, you will be guided and empowered to radically transform and redesign the five major areas of your life - Lifestyle habits, Health, Work, Relationships and Manifesting Abundance.

The 5 Step Path to Living Yinly is a holistic and natural concept which Sharni developed over 2 decades. It combines:

  • Her 20 years of personal and professional experience:
    • Working in the Women's Wellness & Corporate Wellness industry since 2007,
    • having taught more than 7,000 yoga classes,
    • organizing & facilitating many retreats world-wide since 2013,
    • starting up and working in 4 wellness businesses,
    • being an international best-selling author, speaker and internationally accredited Life Coach
    • having experienced her own burnout & chronic fatigue and then recovery.
  • Ancient healing tools:
    • Yoga,
    • Traditional Chinese Medicine,
    • Ayurveda,
    • the Chakra System
  • Plus modern sciences and Life Coaching techniques.

This Program will support you to slow down, tune in, let go, wake up…
and Redesign Your Life in magical ways!!

What is the 5 Step Path to Living Yinly?

Each Step takes you towards your desired outcome... Manifesting the life of your dreams. But, you can't manifest if you are blocked, still hanging onto the past, or worrying too much about the future. That is why it's important to start at the beginning... at Step 1.

As you move through the 5 Steps Of Living Yinly, you will redesign and realign your LIFESTYLE HABITS, your HEALTH, your WORK, your RELATIONSHIPS, and ultimately MANIFEST ABUNDANCE and your best life!

Here is some info on each one of the 5 Steps...

Step #1 - Let Go

Release what no longer serves you and rewrite your story. Declutter, clean out and let go of anything holding you back. In weeks 1 & 2, we look at how you can let go of the past - and present - that may be draining your energy and clear the path toward living your best life!

Step #2 - Recharge

Prioritize self-care and nourish your body, mind, and soul. Engage in wholesome activities like exercise, yoga, and mindfulness to strengthen the mind-body-soul connection. This Step is all around creating space so you can connect to your inner wisdom and intuition. In weeks 3 & 4, we look at how you can slow down and tune in!

Step #3 - Envision

Discover your life's purpose and pursue your passions. Embrace your unique gifts and explore how they can make a positive impact. In week 5 & 6 we look at how you can start planting the seeds, living on purpose, and envisioning your ideal life!

Step #4 - Flourish

Cultivate fulfilling relationships and nurture self-worth. Find your tribe, open to the power of love, and allow your life and relationships to bloom. In week 7 & 8 we look at how you can take action to grow a flourishing life and thriving relationships!

Step #5 - Manifest

Unlock abundance in all areas of life. Improve your money mindset and embrace the art of manifesting. In week 9 & 10 we look at how you can invite abundance into your life as well as paying it forward!

How will it help me?

This Program will support you to:

  • Simplify your life so that you can reduce stress;
  • Be healthier physically;
  • Be in supportive, loving and healthy relationships (with yourself and others);
  • Live and work on purpose;
  • Manifest abundance into your life...

It will ALSO help you recognize patterns and limiting beliefs that got you into unhealthy, toxic and stressful situations in the first place.

Once you see those patterns, it's much easier to shift them then once and for all.

So, therefore, this program is going to radically transform your life in profoundly positive ways!


How does it work?

How to use this Program

During the 10 Week Online Program, you will be guided step-by-step along the way.
Each of the 5 Steps of Living Yinly has a specific theme and takes two weeks.
Each week you will work through various healing tools & techniques focusing on your body, mind & soul.
Each week you will also receive a suggested plan and schedule.


What is included in this Program?

Each week is the same structure - split into body, mind, and soul sections - and through this we work through the 5 Step Path of Living Yinly.
The basic structure looks as follows...

1) Body:
~ Lifestyle tips on how to get back into balance & how to heal

~ Nutritional support & food diary guide
~ Yang Yoga - Vinyasa & Hatha based 25min videos
~ Yin Yoga - 1hr long audios & PDF guides

2) Mind:
~ Guided Visualizations

~ Meditation mantras
~ Pranayama breathing techniques

3) Soul:
~ Life Coaching Tools

4) Expert interview
~ Interviews with expert healers, Yogi’s & wellness consultants who are based in Bali but also work word-wide.

In total you get:

  • x5 hrs hours of Yang Yoga videos
  • x10 hrs hours of Yin Yoga audios
  • x3.5 hrs hours of expert wellness healer interviews
  • x37 Coaching Tools
  • Plus an additional 20 PDF worksheets, 2hrs of audio and further video content




Your Course Creator


Hi, I am Sharni.


I'm your guide to breaking free from the grip of feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, and burned out. With a passion for empowering women, I offer this transformative journey that takes you from the depths of anxiety, depression, and disillusionment to a place of purpose and vitality.

As an International Best-selling Author, certified Life Transformation Coach, Wellness Industry Expert, Yoga and Retreat Facilitator, and Speaker, I bring a wealth of expertise to help you unplug from the daily hustle and rediscover your life's true direction. Through each step of this REDESIGN YOUR LIFE Online Program, I equip you with the essential tools and unwavering support to reshape your life story.

With me, you'll not only find a mentor but a cheerleader on your journey to stress less, work smarter, and rebirth your love for life. Hundreds of women worldwide have already embarked on this empowering path, reinventing their lives in profoundly positive ways.

Are you ready to step into a brighter future? Explore the possibilities by enrolling in this course!

If you would like to gather more info about me, visit You are also welcome to connect with me on Instagram.

See you on the inside!