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From Burnout to Bliss

5-Day Mini Course - Increase your energy, decrease your stress... but by doing less!




In this 5-Day Mini Course you will discover:

  • If what you are currently doing - which you may think is ‘healthy’ - is actually draining your energy.
  • Why the latest trends (including diet & yoga fads) could be causing MORE stress in your body & life.
  • A new perspective & much simpler, easier ways to feel radiant and energized.
  • A few secret steps - from my own personal experience of recovering from burnout - on why & how you can create more freedom, bliss & inner-sunshine in your life!

Each day will cover:

  • Day 1 - Lifestyle - What are your limiting beliefs that are holding you back & draining your energy?
  • Day 2 - Nutrition & Diet - Is your daily diet food for your soul?
  • Day 3 - Exercise & Yoga - Is your exercise routine doing more damage than good?
  • Day 4 - Self-Care Tips (Relaxation, Meditation & Visualization Techniques) - Why is self-care so important & how can you quickly add a few simple techniques to your daily routine?
  • Day 5 - Working with the Cycles of Nature - What does this actually mean, how is it relevant to your energy levels and why is it important specifically for you?

Watch the video below to get a sneak preview of the course.



Hey Lovely! In this video, I giving you an inside look at the 'Burnout to Bliss' Online Mini Course. I walk you through the content you'll be receiving, including the welcome section, daily videos, and worksheets. Each day focuses on a different topic, such as lifestyle, nutrition, exercise & yoga, self-care tips, and cycles of nature. You can go through the course at your own pace and download the worksheets to reflect on your insights. Excited to share this with you!

 "If you don't want to burnout, stop living like you are on fire." - Brené Brown

This is for you if...

  • Are a busy woman who is looking for a few tips and tricks to give you more vitality and energy through the day.
  • Want to know simple techniques to stress less.
  • Are wanting to redesign certain areas in your life (specifically your health) but don't know where to start.
  • Feel tired, drained, exhausted, overwhelmed or burnt out.

Your Instructor


Hi, I am Sharni.


After spending 16+ years in the Women's Wellness & Corporate Wellness industry, having taught more than 7,000 yoga classes, organized & facilitated many retreats world wide since 2013, started up and worked on multiple businesses, being an author, writer, speaker & Life Coach... I eventually burnt out.

Something needed to shift and change! So, I put myself on my own natural healing 'Burnout Recovery Program', healed in 10 weeks, successfully sold my Yoga Retreat Business, completely redesigned my life and moved to Bali.

I am passionate about inspiring other individuals to stress less & live more so that you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE (whatever that means for you)!
I believe that every human is meant to shine, to live their best life and to share their light with the world… without burning out & losing themselves in the process!

Now, I live between Bali and Cape Town, work smart not hard, immerse myself in nature, yoga, conscious gatherings and like-minded communities. If I'm not facilitating a Workshop / Retreat / at a Festival... you will most likely find me on my SUP board floating on the ocean and enjoying the simple life.

For more info about me visit - or connect with me on Instagram.